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Beijing official heating is determined not to advance

2016-07-29 23:05:06

 This winter heating is not early? Yesterday afternoon finally came to a conclusion. According to the third round of climate negotiations, is expected from November 5th to 15, the Beijing plain region average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius, five days after another days average temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, do not have the conditions for early heating. Thus, this year the city's official heating time is still zero in November 15th. Yesterday afternoon, the City Municipal Committee issued a 2016 - 2015 heating season, the first heat warning to the city, the request of all heating units from tomorrow, "trial heating", to ensure that the November 15th zero qualified heating.

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The average temperature above 15 degrees Celsius in the first 6 days of this month
According to "see day resolution heating time criterion, the annual statutory heating recently, the city will has three times the climate negotiations, when speculation has extreme climate, that is November 15th air temperature series of five days less than 5 DEG C, will be launched early heating. Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Committee of heating Office, City Weather Bureau and other part of this winter heating before the last time the climate negotiations. Climate forecasting show, on the 5th to 15th November 2015, the average temperature in Beijing plain area is 6 DEG C to 7 DEG C, than perennial over the same period (550 DEG C), nearly 10 years over the same period (6.2 DEG C) and the same period last year (6.1 DEG C) is slightly higher, the extreme minimum temperature for 1 DEG C to 2 degrees.
During this period, a five day average temperature below 5 degrees Celsius (Beijing region have launched the possibility of small heating specification). Wang Aimin, director of the Municipal Committee of the city district heating Office, shows that this year does not have the conditions for early heating, the city's official heating time is still the legal heating date, that is, November 15th.
Tomorrow, all heating units burning test run
Yesterday afternoon, municipal committee made a 2015 - 2016 heating season's first "heating warning told," request the district heating pipe part urged the heating units, from the beginning on November 7, good heat trial operation, timely treatment to run, run, drip, drain and heating is not the question, to ensure that the November 15 at 0:00 on qualified heating. Formal heating, residents should reach 18 degrees celsius. Municipal heating Commission Office of the relevant responsible person said, if the residents room temperature unqualified, members of the public can reflect to the district heating units, request on-site measuring room temperature, can call municipal heating hotline 12319 reflect, gathering heating residents can call 960.69 reflect. Together, the various districts and counties of the heating pipe part to according to the state of heating hotline complaints, urged heating units really implement main duties, shall not present buck passing phenomenon.
No coal-fired boilers at the end of this year's six districts
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BYD reporter yesterday learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and now the city's "coal to gas" mission excess end, six districts of the city at the end of the coal-fired boiler. After the coal-fired boiler cleaning power transformation, it is expected that the heating season will further Yajian 147 million tons of coal, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 12500 tons, nitrogen oxides 4300 tons. Over the years, the city the "coal to gas" work focus gradually shifted to the suburbs, constantly improve the gas pipeline network and other infrastructure construction, efforts to promote more large-scale boiler gas instead of coal. According to the person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year the end of the outer suburbs of coal-fired boiler cleaning power to transform 4907 tons of steam. It is understood that this year, the city's coal-fired boilers, coal to gas, the mission has ended 5900 tons of steam, a substantial over 3579 tons of steam tons of annual mission. In the meantime, the heating boiler 5286 tons of steam, 614 tons of steam boiler industrial boiler, the city six areas will be no end of coal-fired boilers.
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