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Dichloro Isocyanurate Sodium(SDIC)

CAS No. 2893-78-9

Molecular formula: (C3Cl2N3O3)Na Molecular weight: 219.95

Structural Formula:



SDICis water soluble, it has properties of high effective, instant effective, wide range and safety.SDIChas h3 fungicide effect, even at dosage of 20ppm, the fungicide ratio can reach to 99%.SDIChas good stability, can be preserved for half year with less than 1% loss of effective chlorine, and cannot be deteriorated at 120℃, cannot be flamed.


ItemsGrade IGrade II
Available chlorine, %60.0min56.0min
Moisture, %3.0max7.0max
pH (1% solution)5.5-7.0


SDICcan be used as algae disinfector in circulating cool water system and swimming pool. When used in circulating cool water system, the dosage of 15-20ppm every 2-3 days in summer is preferred, in spring and autumn, every 3-5 days and in winter every 5-7 days. For insurance of effects, nonoxidative disinfector may be also added into this product.

Package and Storage:

50kg/drum,customers’ requirement. Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.

Safety Protection:

Stimulation to skin and eye, protected with eye-glass and glove in operation. Once contacted, flush with water.